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This was Fun for you originally the social sharing connection xzxuxz.

Recently we have combined the old greeninternationalentertainment, the social sharing connection,

the midnightcreature website,, into one website to tribute them all has partnered up with worldwidecollaboration and now we have partnered up together Alot of changes have been made on both websites this website is a partner of worldwidecollaboration not a worldwidecollaboration website but this website tributes all the old websites of worldwidecollaboartion that are old websites from back in the day how ever this website has opend back up for you to enjoy under the name Partners of worldwidecollaboration becasue we both have almost the same type of website but different in many ways and at 1 point we have had over 100 members on this website we are no longer keeping track of the point system. The point system is just for fun so you can't redeem anything with the points they are just for show But we want to give you all the opertunity to come check us all out on this website plus our partners website Go upload your music on the website also submit your music to the online radio and app